sequestered garden expansion

I am off from work until at least April 27. Except for two no-contact pickups from private residences, my husband and I haven’t left our property for one day shy of two weeks.

Also, I am a hoarder. When I have the money and find the right things on sale, I hoard materials for future projects. Paint. Stain. Caulk. Lumber. Pavers.

This proves to be a handy habit for this unprecedented shelter-in-place experience.

before-ish: I’m consistently bad at actual before photos

Day 1: tilling the ground; raking/levelling/stomping the loosened dirt; applying barrier cloth; starting herringbone brick pattern; framing structure

Day 2: completing structure; expanding brick pattern

Day 3: continued tilling/raking/stomping ground; expanding barrier cloth; expanding brick pattern; re-terracing adjacent bed; defining new border edge; transplanting flowers

Day X: placing and planting containers on retaining wall with squashes and melons to grow onto structure

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