boldly going into the season…

This should prove, ever onward, my obsession with decorating for the winter holidays. Last year, I created Star Trek: The Christmas Tree for my husband, a lifelong Trekkie. I scoured the internet for used ornaments, bundled lots, and all the greatest deals on my first foray into Hallmark Keepsake collections.

To be certain, I would not have ever bought a Keepsake if it weren’t for my husband’s request for this tree. Last year, I didn’t even use the full 7.5 foot silver tinsel tree, I kept the lowesr section boxed up and set the tree on a table.

As I packed up the inaugural ST:TCT, I kept on searching for missing ornaments. I researched release history, I made checklists. I double efforts on the hard-to-find special releases.

Fall approached and the excitement crept up on me, hitting a solid month early. I opened up the checklist: holy crap, eighty-two Hallmark Keepsake ornaments for ST:TCT.

This tree leaves me giddy, and gushing, and laughing. And yes, we have ninety-two year old floorboards.

Oh! And the tree topper… I cobbled that together from the items shown below. I snapped the wire for the LEDs while swapping out tops. Replacement battery-powered pill lights are on the way…

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We are boldly going where no tree has gone before!

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