faring the storm

An abrupt and aggressive storm swept across the Kansas City Metro this morning, knocking out our power for over three hours while I was at work. My husband informs me that the wind was so strong and rain blew into the kitchen underneath the back door. He watched the garden in the side lot and thought everything was getting torn up.

Considering what I saw on the drive home, we are unscathed.




The daylilies running up the steps, and the bee balm, ended with a deeper sprawl, so I staked them up out of the way with bamboo.


Below is the bed most affected by the storm, but it is just sprawl; there is no damage whatsoever.


It is still more of a jumbled mess than it was before the storm, but it is more upright than it was before staking so I’ll take it.


As I gathered tossed-about buckets, pulled some weeds, staked some droopy plants, I took in our growing oasis in the city; our hobbled-together wabi-sabi garden.

It brings me calm. It gives me joy, this lush green space in our wabi-sabi life.

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