episode 130: where my hand is used for scale

As it goes, the Giant Marconi pepper is aptly named. This one is still going and hasn’t even started turning red. This will be an awesome stuffing pepper!


Blauhilde beans: They’ve gotten bigger faster than last year. We only have a few stalks that volunteered from last year’s crop. I plan to just save the beans to plant next year. We will have lots of lattice to cover…


This beefsteak volunteer is the single largest tomato we have currently. I can see the growth day to day.


San Marzano plum tomatoes. Two plants filling with a plentiful crop. The extra round of bone-meal looks to have helped resolve the end-rot. I can occasion still find it, but the volume is decreasing consistently.


Our mystery volunteer: it is either a beefsteak or a beefsteak cross-pollinated with something else from last year.


The beans are climbing; the tomatoes are growing; the peppers are budding.

The fence is expanding; the fire pit is underway; the gardens are developing nicely.

We are growing content within the surroundings of our wabi-sabi life.

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