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Our street has been ripped up for over a month while the gas company runs a new line and connections. Such luck that the main line runs under the sidewalk on our side of the street. (Yay!) Last week, the storms passed long enough for the cement contractor to pour the sidewalks along our double lot.


Last summer, I started the effort to terrace the front slope down to the sidewalk. When we got word of the impending gas work, I didn’t bother to continue it this spring. The contractors dug out most of the dirt I would need to move for the next phase before pouring the cement, and I wanted to take advantage of that before they came to level it back and sow grass…

I hope this is enough work to let them take pause and leave that edge of the walk alone.


Previously, I had used landscaping adhesive to glue the wall stones together, but considering the practice I had with the fire ring, I think I will start mortaring the stones, and hope to tuck-point the cast-seams to make a more convincing read as stacked stones.

I also plan a middle tier even with one of the front steps. The top planting strip will be peonies to match the other side, some small transplants from my father-in-law are already in place and recovering from the move. Also, the previously purchase yellow peony will join them. One of the remaining planting strips will be creeping phlox, split for the opposite side of the steps. The remaining strip will be filled with undetermined transplants from elsewhere in the yard, perhaps, large sedum or mini daylilies or euonymus or dwarf iris or some mix…


The tiers will help isolate the creeping phlox from other plants but also give it a raised edge to grow over and drape, which the plant does so well. This helps promote the “planned overgrowth” landscaping style I’ve been developing elsewhere in the gardens as well as support a garden interpretation of our wabi-sabi living…

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