not-red no.5

We already have not-red purple, and not-red violet, and not-red lilac, and not-red lavender.

Now, I give to you not-red no.5: not-red mauve. (See below for not-red soft pink.)


To be clear and certain, lavender is my spirit animal. I mean, if a color could be a spirit animal, that would be mine… I am loving all the purples coming in, but I think I would have planted them elsewhere if I knew the actual colors. Of course, it is a relative to mint, so I imagine I won’t actually be moving them anywhere so much as split beds and making more…


I mean, look at all of this color:


Reminder: this massive patch of bee balm came three 3″ plants last year. (Plants that happened to be marked with an image of red bee balm…) bonnie-bee-balm

They never did much last year, but this year is a whole new bag of bees! Our pollinator garden is well under way.


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