monday, tuesday, rainy day, all days

So much rain. So much. But I still manage to get plants into the ground. And the flowers thrive. So much.

Like the rose bush that came with the house. Our severe winter killed more of it that the two prior years, so I cut it back, I thought, harshly. Almost to half its size. It’s so amazingly beautiful in spring, but by summer it will stripped bare of flower and leaf by the increasing population of Japanese beetles. I am saddened each year to watch. Eventually I might have to remove it.



The coreopsis in the side yard has exploded, both in bloom and population. I’ve dug up and gifted over a dozen babies. It is also a majority of the results of the native wildflower seeds sowed in the two beds down on the far edge of the lot. The various Asiatic lilies are climbing and filling in, buds developing.

The greens of the surprise lilies are finally turning. It may be time to cut them back. They are late, like a lots of things due to our winter, and they are hogging the space and sunshine needed for our herbs.


The ‘lawn’ of the south lot has had enough to to grow back from the previous owner’s habitual spraying. More offense weeds still abound, but a gorgeous spread of clover has filled the lot in better than I ever would have expected.

My husband snapped the photo below this afternoon as he enjoyed watching the bees flit about for their lunch.


The heavy course of rain has brought with it a break of the early heat, setting new record lows for late spring. The cool breeze and rain refresh me as I wander from bed to bed. It has been lovely watching, weeding, working the gardens of our wabi-sabi cottage.

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