weed, water, repeat

Spring is full bore, and our wabi-sabi garden is set to explode with life. The hummingbird feeders are out, the bird bath is flipped and filled. The adjacent lot is more manicured and reclaimed than it has been since we’ve owned it, since we’ve owned our house even…

our side yard and adjacent lot: many things greening up for the summer

The back most raised bed has been boxed in with cedar-frames lined with bird netting to keep the squirrels out of our veggies. That bed is already producing handfuls of spring radishes. It also houses parsnips that carried over from last fall, a red striped and a white beet, and purple baby bok choy.

the closing-in of the back-most bed
the second round of radish harvest
green onions from last year are spreading and blooming.
this year’s annual herbs, plus some daylilies from last years clearance rack, ready to go in the dirt (as soon as the storms calm down)

This is our third year in our wabi-sabi cottage. The plants we transplanted from the old house, and the gifts from my in-laws, have rooted well and are spreading like crazy.

peonies: some transplanted from the front porch, and some gifted from a friend, are finally happy with their new home and are filled with buds. now, hurry up and bloom!!!

Additionally, tomato and pepper varieties are sprouting from seed in the kitchen. I am researching the hardening off process, considering we had massive loss during the learning curve last year.


this year’s tomato varieties. those gorgeous bard’s atomic were on the list last year, but fell to the tragic failure of hardening off…
this year’s “things that would kill me” that I grow for the love of my husband. well, the black hungarian is too mild for him, that one is mine… the chocolate habanero was the favorite from last year, and a great producer.

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