catching up to spring

The close of April is hear, and it has been full of color here at our wabi-sabi cottage. Everything is waking up after a harsher-than-usual winter in the Kansas City Metro.

We planted forsythia flanking our front porch shortly after getting the house. Year three brings heavy blooms and noticeable growth. The bearded iris are climbing upward, a gift from my in-laws.

The garden is going in, greening up, filling out. Garlic and parsnips, walking and green onions, clamored through the winter and are flourishing. Vegetable beds are sown. Pepper and tomato plants mature on the kitchen window sill.

Our dwarf iris were the first to pop color in the yard, days ahead of the single crocus that survived last years squirrel carnage. These sweet little things have taken to our plot of dirt, spreading quickly from the three clumps we received from my husband’s father-in-law three years ago.


The daffodils are reclaimed from unproductive clumps of bulbs found in the side yard lawn. Divided and reestablished, they are as prolific as anything that grows in our dirt.


This cluster of muscari was a gift from a friend. Given to us as mystery bulbs, they were a pleasant surprise.

As the vegetable garden demands more of my time, I am happy to be surrounded by such lavish colors, so many of them gifted to us, or brought with us from our old home. Summer blooms have been divided and moved and tended.

Making a garden of saved and bought and brought and gifted and traded things fits well around our little wabi-sabi cottage, as we hobble together our home and our wabi-sabi life together on our little plot of dirt.

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