My husband is a Trekkie, the rarer sort that embraces every series of the franchise.

He has also struggles with enjoying the holiday season. Between his parents divorce and significantly older siblings during his childhood and a series of wintertime deaths in his adulthood, he hasn’t been sold the same bill of goods I have.

Honestly, the holidays for me are mostly about the opportunity to be extravagant and over-the-top; to string everything in lights and tinsel; to bling, and blitz and bedazzle. I was a florist for over a decade after all. And I ache to offer a glimpse of that shimmer and shine and giggly silliness of my holiday adoration to the man that shares my life and love.

With that said, I present to you: ST:TCT


Of course, if I think of boldly going into holiday bling, outer space is nothing if not a silver tinsel tree, which we landed on a Black Friday sale at Big Lots! What better way to say “Crystalline Entity”? What you see pictured is two thirds of the tree, the next generation of the tree might have a chance to grow into the whole seven foot five inch sparkling glory.




As to the Hallmark Keepsake ornaments. I started with a solid investment of a bundled listing on Mercari, an enjoyable shopping app experience I discovered in the search for Spock orrnaments, among others. A diligent sweep of the internet landed enough good deals for the maiden voyage of the tree.

We start with a fair representation of the run of the franchise, both in terms of personnel and spacecraft…

Extrapolating from the years of the franchise, mini LED strands speak to the many display screens on the bridge and in sick bay. An old spool of radiator ribbon and gold glittery sprays suggest “future-on-a-budget” alien set pieces, and round glass ornaments become the planets on and through which to explore.

A few days after ST:TCT made its debut, my husband sent the following message:

“I love my Star Trek Christmas tree. Thank you, G, it seems like a long time since anyone cared whether or not I liked Christmas.”

That right there is the best gift I will get this year.

This was the first tree I have put up as an adult with fewer than one hundred ornaments for certain. It is also the first time I have ever plugged an ornament into a light socket and had it speak to me, which left me ridiculously giddy.

Thrift, repair, and reuse have given us a fuller, richer life than we could otherwise afford. Considering used and fixer-upper stuff have provided a home and vehicles and clothing and decor. Gardening has given lush food and flowers to add to our home. We are richer than our means and I am filled with gratitude and love. And holiday ornaments and tchotchkes!

This is how I manifest the concept of renewing the life and beauty of an object and giving it a purpose in our life together, in our loved and worn and patched together wabi-sabi cottage.

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