make the yuletide gay

Kansas City got its first winter storm early this year, at least, early for my time spent here. The Sunday following Thanksgiving, our wabi-sabi cottage and gardens were covered with four to five inches of snow. Hoping to stay ahead of the storm, I got the house ready for the Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. It was in the fifties, and I cut the grass that afternoon…


Unlike our first year in the Wabi-Sabi Cottage, we now have all LED bulbs, for efficiency and lifespan. The cool white icicle lights hike up the blue-lavender of our house color, and they were a steal post-Holiday two years ago at Target. Some of my favorite Holiday decorations were 75% off…

Last year, I used our twenty-six foot Werner multi-position ladder to install cup hooks for the lights in the fascia boards across the front and south sides of the house, when we first put up the icicle strands. This year, I pick up an extendable painter’s pole and a brush head. No ladder was needed, although hanging out the attic window still took some effort for the peak.

The LED projectors came from Home Depot and Big Lots!, the first on a holiday pre-sale, the second a post-Holiday sale. With the open lot added on to the south, it was an easy decision to wrap the lighting around the side of the house. It makes a substantially larger impact.

I hope Holiday Cheer fills your home like it does our Wabi-Sabi Cottage, making this season merry, and bright, and gay!

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