end of harvest…?

I made sauce this evening, the same “end of harvest” roasted green tomato sauce I found last year, but with a broader range of ripeness in the tomatoes I used.

That said, I am hoping it will not be the end of harvest. I spent the afternoon out in the garden, cutting back the massive-yet-under-producing tomato vines, removing vines without fruit that stand little chance this late to yield anything.


It is expected to freeze overnight tonight, maybe even snow, even though we mostly have another month or so of decent weather beyond that. So, my garden experiment for this fall. I have tented the three raised beds, and a few other spots, with white sheeting. If I can protect early blooms for a late snow, why not protect the mature garden from an early one…? Also, I am not yet sure how hardy the winter bed seedlings are.


If this works, I will hang onto the plants in the beds as long as possible. There are dozens of peppers, a pile of large green tomatoes, a bed of root veggies seedlings coming in for winter…


About the “end of harvest” sauce: I have changed how I finish it. I now puree the roasted ingredients after baking, tonight was a bulb and a half of garlic, rosemary, three different basils, white onions, green chili peppers, black Hungarian peppers and the fullest range of tomato variety and ripeness I had available in the garden. I then sauted additional onion and green chilis to added to the puree.

My husband and I ate it over roasted chicken. It was delicious.


More to come regarding the winterization of the garden. Long term, I would like to engineer panels that drop into framing surrounding the beds to convert them to a take on greenhouses going into winter…

We shall see how my garden grows into our wabi-sabi life!

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