doing with-out the dine-in…

The wabi-sabi cottage has the tiny kitchen typical of the era, the area, and its bungalow style. A patch job on the floor indicates that what is now a small dine-in kitchen was once two separate spaces, perhaps the kitchen and a butler’s pantry. The kitchen looks to have been redone some time near the 1960s, with simple plywood cabinet doors, a sparkle laminate counter top, and that unfortunate white-washed-esque floor to ceiling panelling. The cabinets underserve our needs, and the basement landing pantry barely holds the dog food and pet snacks.

A proper rehabilitation of the kitchen is a good way down the to-do list. So, in an effort to make the current space more functional for us in the here-and-now, we agreed to pack away the kitchen table, and I took a trip to the Swedish big blue box.


Kallax is our favorite IKEA product line, especially the hi-gloss pieces. I prefer them in spaces like the home office and dressing room/closets. in this case, when we are ready for the kitchen rehab, these Kallax can be re-purposed into the impending attic dressing room/walk-in closet.


This round went up on the caster option. The set includes a 2×2 cube and a 2×4 rectangle, both in hi-gloss white, including two door inserts, and two 2-drawer inserts.


The cubbyholes are a convenient size for a range of small kitchen appliances, as it turns out; the drawers great for hiding away their accessories.

clone tag: -1103820875316354638

The casters put the units to a near perfect height for the windowsill, and fit the corner well, leaving room for a concealed stack of storage bins. The hi-gloss white gives the same great contrast as the kitchen trim. I plan to tray out the drawers to keep their contents well ordered. I have this dream of applying 5S to the entirety of our home to rival Toyota. (Makes a mental note to share about the tea drawer…)

We shall see if the new setup helps our kitchen function better as we continue to organize and enjoy our wabi-sabi life.

2 thoughts on “doing with-out the dine-in…

  1. 5S just makes sense. I try everyday to do a bit more to meet that standard at home, in the yard, in the garage and workshops, the office, the kitchens especially. I enjoy trying to figure out what should go where and what should just go. I’m loving your home. I’m loving you loving your home. Thank you for and please keep sharing!

    1. every time a new round of 5S happens at work, I want to buy foam sheets and trim out every drawer at home. one day, I’ll have dead tool outlines for everything…

      have you ever seen our tea drawer…?

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