growing into something

“Don’t let perfect get in the way of better.”

My boss uses that phrase often; I am working to embrace it fully in life. I don’t want to miss documenting all this beautiful growth in our yard, because it hasn’t filled out the picture frame yet.

Seriously: the south lot was a vacant weed pile less tham a year ago, that saw no attention except poison spray three times a year from the previous owner. Already: it is mostly reclaimed and maintained (even if the ‘lawn’ is still mostly mowed weeds), it houses three 4×8 raised veggie beds, the start of an awesome fire circle, a half established giant flower bed, and a mass of sunflowers created from the dropped seed from our feeders.

side garden as seen from the lower lot

This should be celebrated. Recorded.

a close-up: beans on the arbor, romas on the vine

I planted no sunflowers anywhere, although I removed them from the more inconvenient places. That coral gladiolus above is the first of that color to open. I’m fascinated that each color group so far as opened separately from the others.



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Part of me is waiting for the disaster to drop. Everything grows so easily in our yard. I am taking notes each year, so I can repeat certain successes, but that little bit of imposter syndrome I carry through the world wants me to hold my breath and expect everything to die over night.

I do hope that doesn’t become a thing.

Some daylilies to wrap up:



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