I scored some fun things the other day while out looking for final embellishments for the dressing room. I needed fabric for draperies and some small bits of upholstery; I wanted something crazy enough to stand against all the colors of my wardrobe… something crazier than I have ever lived with before. I mean, how much of a life is spent in the dressing room…? I mean other than rehanging ties, and using the folding board to make everything on the shelf just so, and the reordering of shirts of altering of jackets and trousers, and sewing and mending projects. Really, no time much at all…

a notion of notions for dressing up the dressing room

Years back, I found a lifetime supply of vintage notions; quite the handy thing. Of course, when I found giant rick rack in the same orange I had to toss it in the pile.

I do have to hold the making until the work schedule slows, but I promise photos as I go along.

Journey on, my lovelies!

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