hidden details, whispered reminders

Perhaps the best thing about the spring busy season…? I have the budget for little splurges. I classify this one as my belated birthday gift to myself… etched stainless collar stays.

hidden whispers 01 - low-res
wrapped in grosgrain!
hidden whispers 02 - low-res
gleam, gleam, gleam!
hidden whispers 03 - low-res
bright and shiny reminders to myself

I had found these some time ago and was waiting for the extra money. I found them at red envelope. The gift wrap was lovely, although I will mention that the store branding appeared no less than four time after I discarded the shipping packaging. Bothersome.

The polished stainless is beautiful, but fingerprints and smears easily, but these are hidden details for myself. The messages on them were gleaned years ago during research with my natal chart in plans for future tattoo work. Each phrase represents a condensed motto, or lesson, to be learned from each major planetary relationship in my chart. Within this all lies the amount of detail and symbolism and ritual and reminder than keep my mind crisp with delight and my skin tingling with excitement.

The set includes six long (two and three quarters inch) and six short (two and one half inch) etched stainless steel stays. The mottoes I used: engage the moment, speak against injustice, make the sacrifice, find your inspiration, trust your instincts, seek understanding, fight the fight, feel the moment, share the faith, embrace diversity, know your desire, and find the center.

That last one… whoa, boy! I need reminders about that…

I enjoy the idea of burying reminders and artifacts into my daily processes that read like focal points in remembering who I choose to be; a notion that lies in my choice so many years ago to consciously choose each piece of clothing I wear in my life, as well as the elaborated dressing ritual that choice creates.

Oh! I should mention: the site automatically included gift-wrapping, even with the ‘for myself’ option, and included an enclosure card with a personal message. Of course, my past self wrote a lovely message for me to discover in the gift: “remember who you are becoming, and where you are going. these are the important things.”

I expect to enjoy these on the path to my own becoming…

Journey on, my lovelies!

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