a night out for first friday

Last night was another First Friday, KCMO’s monthly art crawl through the Crossroads Art District. And February brings the annual erotic group show at the Slap-N-Tickle Gallery. The Slap-N-Tickle is a space I am prone to dressing up to attend; it is a great, fun, costume-encouraging kind of place…

dandied for the slap-n-tickle

Last night, I brought out the twins; an incredible vintage mink stole given to me by an acquaintance over my holiday travels. It is a stunning thing is surprisingly good shape for its age.

the twins

I seem to be on a path of becoming a holding of history in a sense. As well as thrifting through the recycled clothing world for the best of dandy things, I have landed in a place of gathering samples of clothing styles and histories. Even for the things I will not wear, or will not wear often, I am fond of this idea. It brings with it an echo of some of the more subtle concepts of green living. Recycling the past, from a time of remarkable product quality, while storing and preserving history is remarkable thing for me, and a journey to which I look forward.

detail shot

A note about the other accessories: the jewelry at the peaks of my lapel are clip-on earrings, the sort with the thread posts that clamp snugly. The collar adornment is a sweater clip, a vintage item that barely moves through most vintage stores. I have a full range of them from fancy and crazy-loud to simply and understated…

I hope you enjoy.

Journey on, my lovelies!

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