a few of my favorite blings…

Early next month is a building-wide sale: antiques, bicycles and parts, clothing, art, findings, miscellany. Certainly, there will be amazing stuff throughout. I love this building…

I am participating, to empty out some space in my space, either to make moving easier or to create room for someone else to share it.

To that end, I have begun the Giant Cull; sorting through my gatherings to determine what won’t break-my-heart to release back to the wild. I have a lot of stuff; if I had less taste and less habit to make neat things out of the materials I gather, I might be called a hoarder. *wink*

Of course, in the process I have unearthed so many things which I love, and could not, at this point, let go. But I am always happy to share…

bling 07 - low-resbling 06 - low-resbling 05 - low-resbling 04 - low-resbling 03 - low-resbling 02 - low-resbling 01 - low-resbling 08 - low-res

Enjoy! And journey on, my lovelies!

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