entryway bling

the entryway project got push back another year, but that’s no reason to leave it bland for the holidays. I found this smart little LED birch at Costco a few years ago, and it is regularly handy to dress up tight spaces. the puffy little wall decals are good fun. I’ve been sitting on them, […]

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the (soon to be) peacock tree

Tree number two: Theoretically, this will eventually become my peacock tree, although currently the only peacock feathers on it are artificial and covered in glitter. But it’s a start, and everything has a starting point. The tree itself is old and sparse and at least a bit crappy. I think I bought it for five […]

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boldly going into the season…

This should prove, ever onward, my obsession with decorating for the winter holidays. Last year, I created Star Trek: The Christmas Tree for my husband, a lifelong Trekkie. I scoured the internet for used ornaments, bundled lots, and all the greatest deals on my first foray into Hallmark Keepsake collections. To be certain, I would […]

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the color purple:

I have said for some time that if a color could be anthropomorphized lavender would be my spirit guide. It is only a marginal jest. (We do live in a periwinkle cottage!) With this in mind, I will state that I have not applied as much effort as it would seem to putting purple into […]

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our atomic tomatoes

Well, they’re Brad’s to be specific: Brad’s Atomic Grape tomatoes. They are the reason I wanted to learn to grow tomatoes from seed, since I cannot find them as starts. Of course, want didn’t stop me from killing every. single. plant. last year during the hardening off process. This year I get it. It took […]

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